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Hotel Tonight is not your average app for finding hotel rooms. You can use it not just to find a room in any city in the world but also to make sure it's available that very night. It's the perfect tool for travelers looking for a places to stay without making plans ahead or if they've taken a last-minute vacation. You can only search one week ahead of time at most.

In addition to providing safe accommodation, one of the advantages of Hotel Tonight is that from its search bar you can access last-minute deals from loads of hotels and hostels. Saving money is yet another incentive to help you sleep soundly.

Each tab includes specific information about the services in each room, including hotel location (marked on the map), plus reviews from other customers, pictures of the room, and a weather forecast with maximum and minimum temperatures and the weather for that day.

Besides all that, you can also look for rooms according to specific details, like a particular score, the rain forecast for a particular city, or other important criteria you need to know prior to booking online.